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As soon as the Check Engine Light shows up on your dashboard, questions start filling your mind. What could be wrong? How much is this going to cost? Am I okay to drive with the light on? Hopefully, we can shed some light on what might be wrong with your vehicle.

A flashing check engine indicator is always caused for concern and should be looked at immediately. It means some function necessary for your vehicle’s continued driving and operation has been damaged and is in need of immediate repair. Cars are complicated machines with over 2,000 parts needing to function in synchronicity, you should never continue to drive a vehicle with a flashing check engine light. DO NOT OPERATE YOUR KIA WITH A FLASHING CHECK ENGINE LIGHT!

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The good news? It’s usually not that bad! Oxygen Sensor could need replacing, Gas Cap is Loose/Damaged/Missing, Catalytic Converter Needs Replacing, Mass Airflow Sensor Needs Replacing, Spark Plugs or Plug Wires Need Replacing – all of these are possibilities when you see the Check Engine Light. It could be a temporary problem caused by a tank of bad gas or a wide range of other factors. In such cases, the light may resolve itself after a short time. However, when it comes to the Check Engine light, do-it-yourself interpretations can be a little tricky even for the mechanically inclined, as there’s no real way of determining the cause of the light without running a diagnostic scan on the system. If the check engine light is ignored it can cause a lot of problems for your vehicle and ultimately end up costing you more money. If you need servicing on your vehicle or have a check engine light on, then come to our location in Mesa, AZ to have your vehicle serviced with us. Courtesy Kia proudly serves drivers from Gilbert, Glendale, Tempe, and Scottsdale, AZ near Phoenix, Surprise, AZ, and beyond.  Call us or visit our dealership today.

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